renewing Charleston by the expression of our love for God and neighbor


IMG_2670WANTED: Men seeking adventure. Must possess a desire to be encouraged & equipped as a band of brothers under the leadership of Captain Jesus – a horse riding, sword carrying, tattooed thigh, fighter – into the battle of taking this world (my life/family/work) back from an enemy and into His kingdom. Expect to grow as a man in a circle of friends to cheer you on til we reach the end!

This is your invitation to join our band of brothers! And whether you are strong in your faith or looking for help in the battles you face we urge you to link arms with other men who are connected with the God man Jesus! You are not made to face life’s challenge alone; alone you will be defeated, but together, with Him, we will win the fight.



Our mission is to create an environment where men can grow in every aspect of manhood mentioned in 1 Corinthians 16:13-14 : Alertness, Faithfulness, Manliness, Strength(reject passivity), Love.


“Jesus is a real man & real men follow Jesus”


Weekly: Everyday-worship Team

        Lunch time Huddle of Four

Monthly: 3rd Thursday Eve Round-table

    2nd Saturday Breakfast

Yearly: Overnight cook-out / Retreat

              Manhood 101 / Work project